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Kaadha: A 1000 year old secret for strong immunity

Home remedies are always a miracle. KAADHA is one such home remedy. Kaadha is an Ayurvedic drink prepared with several herbs and spices often recommended as the ultimate home remedy for cough and cold. This is a very common drink in Indian households especially north India with a slight resemblance to our own chukkukapi in Kerala.  It comprises of an array of common kitchen spices that are recommended during change of seasons. This decoction works best for protecting you against seasonal infections and keeps illness at bay. The word 'Kaadha' or 'Kaarha' literally means to simmer.

How is Kaadha Related to Summer

The word 'Kaadha' is more related to ayurvedic formulation kvātha or decoction due to the similarity in the method of preparation. The ingredients go through the decoction method of potent extractions by boiling the herbs. Also, Ayurveda goes back to five hundred years, and the practice of making and having kaadha is almost that old. In fact, the decoction or the spice mixture is considered to be one of the oldest forms of medicine invented by humanity.

Kaadha is basically prepared with ingredients that you can't extract juices from, like dry spices and herbs such as dry ginger, pepper etc. The best way to extract their benefits and medicinal qualities is to make a decoction. It is a decoction of herbs prepared by boiling seeds and spices which you can’t eat or consume raw. When boiled they transfer their robust flavours and medicinal properties into the decoction. It is like an age-old granny's remedy and therefore, every household may have their own recipe. One of the best ones and recommended by AYUSH is as follows:


  • Cinnamon stick 1 inch: 2 
  • Pepper: 5-6
  • Dry ginger: 1 inch
  • Raisins: 4-5
  • Tulsi leaves : 5-6

How to make kaadha

  • In a saucepan, take 1 and ½ cup water
  • Add all the ingredients in slightly crushed form
  • Switch on the flame and boil on simmer covered till only 3/4th remains.
  •  Strain it and add jaggery or fresh lemon juice if needed

How best to take kaadha

  • Consume hot sip by sip for best results.

When to take kaadha

  • Should be consumed ½ to 1 hour before food 
  • For best results consume twice a day in the morning and evening

Benefits of kaadha

 A simple desi immune booster enriched with natural antibiotics and immunity-boosting properties that not only prevents but eases cough, cold, headaches and other infections. To be consumed for quick relief from the early signs like runny nose, itchy throat, body aches and weakness. 

"To strengthen your immunity system, do adhere to the instructions issued by the Ministry of AYUSH . Drink hot water and kaadha frequently," our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said during his speech on the 14th of April. P.M. Modi, in fact, advised citizens to consume hot water and Kaadha frequently to boost the immune system.  

Ayurveda never claims that such preparations can abolish corona but it definitely reduces the intensity of the symptoms thereby throwing light towards speedy recovery.

 Come on India, wake up to the treasure in your lap. Realize it, adopt it, and exploit it to lead a healthy disease-free life.

About author

Dr. Parvathy S. Nair.

Consultant Physician and Production manager, CKKM Pharmacy, RCM Wellness group, Thripunithura, Ernakulam, parvathysnair27@gmail.com

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