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"Simple tips to fight viral infections"- P. K. Warrier

The excerpts from the video:

"The world is in fear owing to the COVID 19 pandemic. We are uncertain that what is going to happen. What we infer from the newspapers is that we are yet to get a favorable breakthrough even though the situation has not become entirely antagonistic. Our Prime Minister and Chief Minster have sought the support of Ayurveda on how this situation can be managed. [I] feel that Ayurveda can contribute a lot towards this. [Modern Science] is yet to find a cure. They have identified it as a viral infection and they are looking for ways to counter this. There are several formulaions in Ayurveda that are immuno-modulators. The anti-viral properties of many of them have already been established by modern science. 

There are different kaṣāya (decoction) [specific formulations] for [symptoms like] fever. But most important is food itself. It is not how many times we should eat but we should be more observant on whether we are having food because of real need. There are very specific timing and etiquette for having food. It should be followed diligently. Make fruits and fruit juices a part of your diet. Food should increase our immunity, not destroy it. When you are having fever, the food not be a heavy meal but a kañji (a light, fluid, and digestive rice porridge). [Even in a virus infection] diet should always be kept in mind. 

Ginger is a very potent immuno-modulator. Recently, I read about an experience of famous doctor from Hyderabad. He once caught an adamant cold which was simply not getting cured despite all efforts. On discussing this with his wife, she mentioned a simple recipe. The recipe was to crush small pieces of ginger along with jaggery and take it. Just by having it for two days, he got complete relief so much so that he decided to write about it. It is now a common knowledge that ginger is having anti-viral action. So, it can be certainly tried out in this scenario. Adding jaggery will make it palatable as well. This combination may be had in small quantities for once, twice or thrice daily [as per specific requirement]. 

Black pepper is another first class drug that keeps on improving our immunity. Unfortunately, we are making this folly of exporting [the good variety of] black pepper, buying other kinds of pepper and thereby inviting diseases onto us. That is the world like now. Nothing can be done, right? Try having a cup of any soup by adding one or two pinch of black pepper powder before lunch  and evening meal. 

I feel that those who are currently healthy will be able to ward of many diseases by just following the above two methods. We [vaidyas] make have to take extra efforts if such persons are getting infected. Special formulations like Nimbāmṛtādi Pañcatiktaka Kaṣāya, of which all the five ingredients are considered as anti-viral, may be given with a teaspoon of honey. Hiṅgula bhasma is another formulation which is also having anti-viral effect. The earlier we begin such formulation the better we can prevent or manage such conditions. 

The current attempts are concentrated on finding a cure to eradicate the causative factor, when the disease itself has manifested. These efforts are nowhere near fruition and may take further time as well. 

Health management and Disease management are not the same. Health management is primarily done by the self. But a disease management can only be done by a doctor and should never be done by people themselves

We all should express our gratitude to our Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Health Minister and their colleagues who are putting up a great fight against this disease."

- Shri P. K. Warrier said.

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