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Diseases and Ayurveda Management

Say Goodbye to Tooth Decay

32 Diamonds! But if you are not taking care of them, it won't take long for them to go black like coal. The stink would just be bonus. Luckily, teeth-care is simple and effective. You just need to know what exactly are you doing and how well you are doing it. This article is all about the measures you need to adopt to keep tooth decay at bay and give the shine back to your diamonds. (Malayalam)

11 Aug 2020 by Dr. Sharika Vipin


Weighing On Weighing Right

Lifestyle diseases are undoubtedly the biggest threat of the modern era. Obesity is the first among all the milestones in the long pathophysiology of all lifestyle diseases. Obviously, people are concerned about this health issue. Besides the health threat posed by obesity, it is a massive concern due to the cosmetic background of the condition. There is so much confusion regarding the treatment of obesity. Dr Sarika Vipin writes more about the need for individualised approach of an obese individual. (Malayalam)

29 Jun 2020 by Dr. Sharika Vipin

Fundamentals of Ayurveda

Are we Forgetting the Fundamentals of Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is not an easy science to learn. This is especially so when the people who take up Ayurveda as an academic path come from the background of modern sciences. This article by Dr. Sharika Vipin is instilling confidence in the confused minds and is reminding those who are already in the track of Ayurveda, that they are in the right path.

08 May 2020 by Dr. Sharika Vipin

Simple Ayurveda Procedures

NASYA- A Castle by Ayurveda to Defend Against Infections

Nasya (nasal instillation of Ayurveda medicines) is one of the five major treatment procedures in Ayurveda (panchakarma). As a daily practice, a type of nasya, called pratimarsha nasya, can act as a procedure that defend us against infections. This procedure is extremely effective yet quite simple and easy to do. Dr. Sharika Vipin, in her article, talks about this Pratimarsha nasya and explains its relevance and method of practice. (Also translated in Malayalam)

29 Apr 2020 by Dr. Sharika Vipin

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