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Fundamentals of Ayurveda

Ojas- An introduction

There are concepts and paradigms in Ayurveda which eludes the modern understanding of our body and how it works. But the way our body works are infact concurring to their existence. Once such concept is that of 'Ojas'. We are yet to arrive at a modern actuation to this but in Ayurveda, Ojas is given a supreme status. This article is a small introduction to this mystic concept and how important it is in or healthy living.

06 Aug 2020 by Dr. Sarika Menon

Fundamentals of Ayurveda

The Branches of Ayurveda

"Ashtaanga". You might have seen this term in Ayurveda articles or clinics or pamphlets. If you go to a Ayurveda Hospital, you may have observed that the departments are having strange names and that too in Sanskrit. Well here is a decryption. This article details on the concept of the eight clinical branches in Ayurveda, why are they named so and how does each one of them work.

06 Jun 2020 by Dr. Sarika Menon

Simple Ayurveda Procedures

Smoke Therapies in Ayurveda

Did you know that smoking and fumigation are used as treatment procedures to detoxify you body as well as your environment. Fumigation and smoking are either done as simple steps for basic cleansing or disease management or even as an elaborate procedure used as preparation or as a post therapy while administering Panchakarma. Please have a good read of this article. There is much more to medicated smoke inhalation and fumigation than what meets the eye. (Malayalam)

26 May 2020 by Dr. Sarika Menon

Daily Tips

Yoga and Pranayama for Active Immunity

Yoga the divine healing system has been recognized as one of the mainstream systems of healthcare by the Ministry of AYUSH. Our PM Shri Narendra Modi himself is an ambassador of Yoga to the world. Yoga has a very high potential in improving our immunity, physical and mental wellbeing. But, it needs to be imbibed into our day to day lifestyle. This article by Dr. Sarika Menon will help you find ways to improve your immunity through very simple practices.

28 Apr 2020 by Dr. Sarika Menon

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