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Dr. Sreelekshmi V. S. BAMS,M.S.(Ay), Diploma (Sanskrit)

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Shalyatantra, Nangelil Ayurveda Medical College vasanthasree93@gmail.com


Beware of your Cooking Vessels!

Are you aware that the Vessels in which you cook your food also plays a prominent role in keeping you healthier? Yes of course, Ayurveda has kept an eye on the utensils suitable for cooking and serving different kinds of dishes as always. Utensils made of clay, different metals, alloys, leaves of plants etc. serve different purposes. The uses and therapeutic value of different kind of utensils is elicited briefly here by Dr. Sreelakshmi V. S.

07 May 2020 by Dr. Sreelekshmi V. S. BAMS,M.S.(Ay), Diploma (Sanskrit)

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