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Dr. Divya S.Unni

M.D.(Ay), CCK, FOR. Consultant in Chief- Sankarajyothi Ayurveda Multispeciality Hospital, Adoor. divyasunni@gmail.com


Cow Urine: Rumor or Remedy?

"Now hold on right there! What did I just read? URINE? Oh, isn't it disgusting?" Yes, you are right about what you read. But you may want to rethink on what you think of it. Freshly collected and processed cow urine is considered as a miraculous healing medicine in Ayurveda. But for many of us, urine is a waste material and hazardous to use. This has sparked controversies and flaming debates. But let us not jump into conclusions. Instead, let us break this controversy forever. This article is a thorough evaluation of Cow Urine, converging on points from Mythology, Ayurveda and Modern research. This article may very well, reform your perspective on cow urine.

21 May 2020 by Dr. Divya S.Unni

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