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MD (Swasthavritta & Yoga) Yoga Specialist "Spandanam Project" AC Shanmughadas Memorial Ayurvedic Child and Adolescent Care Center Purakkattiri Kozhikkode dayac86@gmail.com

Diseases and Ayurveda Management

Dengue Fever and Ayurveda

The monsoon has arrived. So is the season of diseases too. Dengue fever is one among the deadly diseases that have been troubling us for so long. It is better that we should be prepared and have adopted precautions against this. In this article the author clearly describes the dengue fever, it’s causative agents, it’s type, it’s clinical features, diagnostic methods and it’s ayurvedic view and management. The preventive measures that can be done against dengue fever is meticulously explained. By following these simple steps we can definitely prevent dengue fever.

16 Jun 2020 by Dr. Daya C.

Good Food and Ayurveda

Food for Health

How often do we scrutinize the food we eat? What is our prime concern when we select a food to eat? Very often we choose ones that please our senses and discard its effect on the whole body and eventually pay the price. Ayurveda sets a flexible yet strict set of rules for selecting what we eat. In the midst of rising concerns over lifestyle diseases, Ayurveda's thoughts on this topic are gaining global popularity..When the world is looking for good food solutions in Ayurveda, shouldn't we too?

11 Jun 2020 by Dr. Daya C.


Smoking Makes You Sick..Very Sick

Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable deaths worldwide. Yet, more than half of the adult population of India fall prey to its use in either of its forms. Though various steps have been taken by Governments, all seem to be in vain as tobacco use seems to be growing unhindered each passing day. Dr Daya writes about this deadly issue on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day.

31 May 2020 by Dr. Daya C.

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