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Dr. Vaheeda Rehman A

MS (Ay) Prasoothi tantra & Sthreeroga Sr. Medical officer- ISM Government Ayurveda Hospital, Pathanamthitta


Infertility and Impatience

Infertility is not a new condition. Irrespective of the gender, couples have been tormented with infertility, a stressful condition since dawn of history. Today, it is a prevalent problem affecting about 10-12% of couple worldwide. But have you ever thought about the reason behind the rapid escalation of infertility cases lately? Is age a factor that influences fertility? While the medical discourse of infertility is dominant, its mental-emotional, socio-cultural aspects are still a part of this condition. This article is a revelation on the modern day challenges to fertility and how a confident and patient mind supported by Ayurveda can plant new seeds of joy in our fertile lives..(Malayalam)

04 Jun 2020 by Dr. Vaheeda Rehman A

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