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Dr. Thushara Suresh Kumar

MD (Ay)- Manasika. Specialist in Learning & Behavioral disorders and Counselling, IQRAA MEERA Speciality Clinic, Sulthanbatheri & SAHYA Ayurvrdics, Ambalavayal. dr.thusharasureshkumar@gmail.com

Kids, Teens and Ayurveda

Teenage: Problems and Solutions

They say childhood is the most beautiful phase of our life. So the problems of childhood also need special attention. In this article the author has beautifully and boldly addressed this issue. This work deals mainly on the physiological changes in adolescence period, influence of alcohol and other drugs during childhood and all the psychological behaviour and changes happening in this period. It also deals with the much talked and discussed mobile usage among the children and the solutions for all these. This article is a must read for children and as well as their parents. (Malayalam)

10 Jun 2020 by Dr. Thushara Suresh Kumar

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