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Dr. Divya. K. S.

MD (Ay-Kayachikitsa) Ayur Raksha Ayurveda Clinic and Panchakarma Centre, Sreedharan’s Ganesh Pharmaceuticals Areacode, Malappuram. divyasreejesh@gmail.com


Smartphone and Night Sleep

It’s high time that we should start thinking whether it is the phone getting smarter or people getting smarter. Smartphones have now evolved into a human body organ rather than just being an electronic device. It’s now become one of the most precious possessions of all. The smartphones have a great negative impact on our health. Whether we are aware of this or are we pretending that we don’t. In this article the author has explained these effects on our eyes and sleep. Under the current scenario of lockdown, where we are available 24*7 online, this issue must be looked into seriously.

16 Jun 2020 by Dr. Divya. K. S.

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