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Prof. Dinesh K. S. & Dr. Jeetha Dev P. J.

Department of Kaumarabhruthya, Vaidyaratnam P S Varier Ayurveda College, Kottakal

Kids, Teens and Ayurveda


It is after potty training and stopping the use of diapers that the problem of bed-wetting slowly comes to the parents' attention. The first few months are spent in hope that it would stop on its own one day. Most often it does. For many some slight adjustments of their water intake, toileting and sleep timing does the trick..but if it persists, then it soon turns into a nightmare, both for the parents and the child as well. Ayurveda has a very systematic yet simple approach to bed-wetting. Read about it in this article..

18 Jun 2020 by Prof. Dinesh K. S. & Dr. Jeetha Dev P. J.

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