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Ayurveda Formulations

AYUSH-64: Will this be Ayurveda's Trump Card Against COVID 19?

To date, the world is still looking for a viable solution for the COVID 19 crisis. Scientists the world over are desperately trying to find a cure. It was when Hydroxychloroquine- an anti-malarial drug, was suggested as a remedy for COVID 19, that the Government of India sought the possibility of the Ayurveda alternative to this drug, the AYUSH-64, for being a good choice. Introduced in the early 1980s, AYUSH-64 is yet to get sufficient backing of research data. However, the Government of India has given a go signal for initiating clinical trials and application of this Ayurveda anti-malarial medicine towards the management of COVID 19. So, what exactly is AYUSH-64? What all are its ingredients? So far, what are the studies telling about it? ..Read on..to find out..

18 Jun 2020 by Dr. Parvathy S. Nair.

Fundamentals of Ayurveda

Types of Ayurveda Medicines and How They are Made

Of all the medical systems prevalent today, Ayurvedic medicine arguably has the widest array of modes of formulations for introducing medicine into a patient's body. How does each formulation differ from each other? What is the need for so many different types of formulations? How does an Ayurvedic practitioner use all these preparations judiciously? Dr Parvathy describes more about it.

12 May 2020 by Dr. Parvathy S. Nair.

Ayurveda Recipes

Kaadha: A 1000 year old secret for strong immunity

Would you believe that there is a treasure hidden in your home. Something that will help you boost your immunity in this time of need. Where is it you ask? Just look closer. You will find it in your kitchen. Here is how a few simple spices from your kitchen can be used to make 'kaadha' and how it can strengthen the immune system. Dr. Parvathy S. Nair details on the benefits of kaadha and the method of preparing it, in this article.

01 May 2020 by Dr. Parvathy S. Nair.

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