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MS (Ay)- Prasuti and Streerog Assistant Professor, Dept of Prasooti Striroga, Ashtamgam Ayurveda Chikitsalayam and Vidyapeedom, Palakkad slekshmipb@gmail.com

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PCOD: Fighting Back with the Right Diet

Polycystic ovarian disease(PCOD) is a common health issue experienced by one out of 10 women of child bearing age.It may leads to serious health challenges such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems and increased risk of endometrial cancer. Some research has shown that diet can help to reduce the impact of PCOD. How does diet affect PCOD? Some people take complete diet for the cure.Is it necessary? What to eat if you have PCOD? What are the other lifestyle changes to be adopted to avoid the impact of this disease? Learn more about a PCOD diet through this article. (Malayalam)

01 Jul 2020 by Dr. Surya Lekshmi P. B.

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