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Simple Ayurveda Procedures

First Aid for sore throat, mild cough and cold

There is a force within you that is constantly trying to keep you healthy. It is incessantly involved in 'mending walls and cleaning floors' or 'settling a dispute or fighting a threat' within the body. Most often, a mild flu, a sore throat and simple cough are part of this force's working. In that case all you have to do is just give your innate force a chance to make things right by itself. Do not pamper it nor ignore it. Just observe it and support it. Ayurveda has a wonderful method in place to detect the slightest deviation from health and manage it as early as possible. A lot of complicated illnesses start from negligible conditions. So managing it as early as possible is key. Surprisingly, the remedies in the early stages are quite simple as well! Here are some simple and short suggestions on this angle by Dr. Shamla Cheriyath.

08 May 2020 by Dr. Shamla Cheriyath

Daily Tips

Ayurvedam Anudinam

Ayurveda advocates daily regimen for everyone. But like every other advise of Ayurveda, daily regimen is also person-centric. This means the health maintaining activities that we do on a daily basis should also be customized based on your prakrti- the body type. In this article, Dr. Shamla gives you a sneak peak into the three primary prakrti and the modifications they have to make based on it. (Malayalam)

11 Apr 2020 by Dr. Shamla Cheriyath

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