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The Ten Wholesome Leaves: How this Kerala Tradition Can Protect you during Karkkitaka Month

Nature indeed is a formidable force. To this date we are not able to escape from its influence just as we are thoroughly dependent on nature for our very own survival. The slightest of alteration in the nature is reflected in our lives. Taking cue from this inter-relation, Ayurveda has observed the impact of each season on our lives and has detailed advises on how to make changes in each season to stay healthy or mitigate the ill effect of that season upon us. Karkkitaka in Kerala falls under that part where the summer has ended and the rains have begun. the early times of rainy season is by nature the time when we are most weak. So there are numerous means to strengthen us and optimize our immunity. 'Patthila' or the ten leaves is a traditional practice exclusive to Kerala for addressing the hardships of Karkkitaka. This article is a compilation of that traditional wisdom. (Malayalam)

29 Jul 2020 by Dr. Lini K. John

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