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The Nails Convey Your Health Status

Ayurveda has this majestic concept that every miniscule part of our body is a representation of ourselves, conversely, anything going wrong in any part of the body is reflected in every single cell as well. So an adept physician can look at any of these parts and arrive at a fair diagnosis. Even though made of dead cells, nails happen to be a very expressive medium for our body to communicate with us. This article gives a comprehensive walk-through of various physical appearances that may actually be an expression of a disease. (Malayalam)

01 Aug 2020 by Dr. Aadith V.

Daily Tips

Simple techniques to overcome Bad Breath

He had a great point to make in that conversation. But the moment he was about to say it. Something hit his mind. "I may be having foul breath, better keep shut." Foul breath not only brings down your confidence but may also bring down your overall health and immunity. Moreover, this may just be a symptom of a more serious underlying medical condition. This article leaves no stone upturned in identifying the commonest causes of foul breath and narrating effective and simples ways to manage them. (Malayalam)

28 Jul 2020 by Dr. Bindhya. C. Varghese

Daily Tips

Better Ways to Clean the Ear

We all use earbuds very often. Many times we use anything that comes handy to clean the ear wax. But is this a healthy habit to do? If not so, then what can we do to clean our ears? All these are explained very well in this article. (Malayalam)

28 Jun 2020 by Dr. Arun. G. Dev

Daily Tips

Prickly Heat Quickly Healed

Miliaria Rubra or Heat Rash (Prickly Heat) is common in Summer, a condition generally developed by clogging of sweat glands, called as Pittaja Masoorika in Ayurveda. All age groups are borne to heat rash especially children. Are you still Itching? Is it irritating you so much? Well Ayurveda has a few simple homely tips to free your hands.

16 May 2020 by Dr. Soumia Ajith

Daily Tips

Brush your Teeth, the Ayurveda Way

The desperate attempts by toothpaste companies to add salt and charcoal and herbs and what not into their products make us wonder.."Why did we ditch the good old methods of cleaning our teeth and gums?" Have we gone too far with artificial toothpastes? Is there an all-Ayurveda way to brush our teeth? Yes, not one but many. Dr. Aadith V, in this article lists the most convenient of them. Read on and try and make this a habit..(Malayalam)

04 May 2020 by Dr. Aadith V.

Daily Tips

Yoga and Pranayama for Active Immunity

Yoga the divine healing system has been recognized as one of the mainstream systems of healthcare by the Ministry of AYUSH. Our PM Shri Narendra Modi himself is an ambassador of Yoga to the world. Yoga has a very high potential in improving our immunity, physical and mental wellbeing. But, it needs to be imbibed into our day to day lifestyle. This article by Dr. Sarika Menon will help you find ways to improve your immunity through very simple practices.

28 Apr 2020 by Dr. Sarika Menon

Daily Tips

Oil-Pulling: A Simple Therapy that Work Wonders

Oil-Pulling was one of the 12 procedures in the guideline published by the AYUSH Ministry to maintain your health and improve immunity. What exactly is oil-pulling? How is it done? What benefits do you get out of it? Dr. Sreedevi N. V. gives you a clear picture in this article.

26 Apr 2020 by Dr. Sreedevi N. V.

Daily Tips

Environmental Health and Ayurveda

Man can never be separated from his environment. They complement each other. All principles of Ayurveda are crafted on the foundation of this understanding. Even the subtlest influences of the environment on us are catalogued elaborately. Ayurveda teaches us to identify such changes and make adaptations to preserve our health and manage illnesses occurring during natural changes in the environment. Unfortunately we have increasingly become obstinate to think that we are in control of our environment and not the other way round. Will that be without consequences? Dr. Shamna Mole C. E. explores the role of Ayurveda in Environmental Health.

24 Apr 2020 by Dr. Shamna Mole C. E.

Daily Tips

Ayurvedam Anudinam

Ayurveda advocates daily regimen for everyone. But like every other advise of Ayurveda, daily regimen is also person-centric. This means the health maintaining activities that we do on a daily basis should also be customized based on your prakrti- the body type. In this article, Dr. Shamla gives you a sneak peak into the three primary prakrti and the modifications they have to make based on it. (Malayalam)

11 Apr 2020 by Dr. Shamla Cheriyath

Daily Tips

Why Drink Warm water in a Hot Season?

There is nothing more refreshing than an ice-chilled water on a sunny day! Or is it? Well, It may feel good but chilled water may do you more harm than what it makes you feel. In this article, Dr. Vineetha explores the advantages of warm water and points out why Ayurveda recommends warm water to drink. (Malayalam)

11 Apr 2020 by Dr. Vineetha Manoj

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