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Town Hall Sessions in Ayurveda

Confederation of Indian Industry is setting up a Town Hall exclusively for Ayurveda! But What Exactly is a Town Hall Session? Who are the Ambassadors of Ayurveda that are going to speak? What makes the CII Town Hall Sessions unique? Read on, to find out..

28 May 2020 by AyC News Desk

News and Updates

Malaria: A Contemporary Ayurvedic View

Today April 25 is Observed as World Malaria Day globally. WHO has announced WORLD MALARIA DAY 2020 with the banner "Zero Malaria Starts with me". Malaria, a deadly vector borne disease, is the oldest known killer disease. The disease is spread by the Vector Female Anopheles Mosquitoes. The world has been fighting effectively against the life taking disease, African mainland having the highest death rates have been brought down successfully in the last few years. The term Malaria as such is not seen in Ayurvedic Literatures, but the disease has been well elaborated in the Vishamajwara context. Let us have thought of Malaria in Ayurveda..(Malayalam)

25 Apr 2020 by Dr. Sreedarshan K. S.

News and Updates

A song by Vaidyas to Strengthen your Morale

Music is truly a miraculous healer. It has the potential to augment our emotion. Music can smile with us, cry with us and even motivate us. So, when a song is penned by a vaidya, sung by another vaidya and is depicting a theme to boost our confidence against this spreading pandemic, it becomes a powerful message and also doubles up as a healing touch by itself. Go ahead and listen to this ode to health by Ayurveda. (Malayalam)

24 Apr 2020 by AyC News Desk

News and Updates

On-Call Ayurveda

We have compiled the numbers of Ayurveda physicians and institutes offering telephonic support and counselling in Kerala. Ayurveda sector is taking all measure to ensure the continued support to our beneficiaries. If you have any queries related to Ayurveda during this lockdown period, these contact can be of help to you.This is a state-wide list.

12 Apr 2020 by AyC News Desk

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