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Sexual Problems are not Taboo

SEX is not considered as a taboo anymore (at least when compared to the olden days) in our society. But even then people fear or find it difficult and embarrassing to open up about the sexual dysfunction problems. It is considered as embarrassing rather than just being another medical condition. This article throws light on the most common sexual dysfunctions and emphasises the importance of proper sexual education. (Malayalam)

12 Aug 2020 by Dr. Parasuram Kooderi


How much prevention is enough?

How Much prevention is enough prevention? Can we, by any chance overdoing what is good for us? Well, just like all good things, if we are not doing it right, prevention can also do harm. So it is most important to know what is good and it is even more important to know how much of it is good. Let us find out the Ayurveda ways of prevention and how to do it right.

06 Aug 2020 by Dr. Jyotsna Nair


Lest Our Eyes Go Into A Lockdown: Measures to Prevent Eye Problems Due To Bright Screens

During this time of pandemic, we all are locked down in our houses. Online classes and work from home are our new normal. but not only us, our eyes are also locked down in front of these screens. Many of us have already started to develop eye strain or pain. As these days of uncertainty continues let's not ignore the health of our eyes. This article clearly explains everything you need to do about the eye strain caused by the use of digital screens (Malayalam)

30 Jul 2020 by Dr. Muhammed Nissam


The Ten Wholesome Leaves: How this Kerala Tradition Can Protect you during Karkkitaka Month

Nature indeed is a formidable force. To this date we are not able to escape from its influence just as we are thoroughly dependent on nature for our very own survival. The slightest of alteration in the nature is reflected in our lives. Taking cue from this inter-relation, Ayurveda has observed the impact of each season on our lives and has detailed advises on how to make changes in each season to stay healthy or mitigate the ill effect of that season upon us. Karkkitaka in Kerala falls under that part where the summer has ended and the rains have begun. the early times of rainy season is by nature the time when we are most weak. So there are numerous means to strengthen us and optimize our immunity. 'Patthila' or the ten leaves is a traditional practice exclusive to Kerala for addressing the hardships of Karkkitaka. This article is a compilation of that traditional wisdom. (Malayalam)

29 Jul 2020 by Dr. Lini K. John


Bathing and Dining: The Right Order

Yes, hunger is more important than a bath. Take a shower at the wrong time and it may even hamper your hunger. So it was not just a custom but a health practice to bath before food or at least not to bath soon after food. This was so important a practice that it has become a proverb. This article is a brief explanation of this practice. (Malayalam)

26 Jul 2020 by Dr. Johnson P. John


Exercise: The Ground Rules

Exercise!? What is there to know about it? Well, we may think we know all about exercise, but there are certain things..very basic things that we always have to keep in mind before doing an exercise or advising someone else to do it. This article is all about the basics..the very foundation of Workout. (Malayalam)

16 Jul 2020 by Dr. Hemi T. H.


Ayurveda on Dreams

Dreams have always fascinated us. Even the scary ones. Sometimes it is in a dream that we get an inspiration. Sometimes, a dream may offer us a solution. A dream may even reflect a health condition. Centuries before Sigmund Freud started interpreting dreams, Ayurveda had already delved deep into the hidden meaning of dreams and detailed it in connection with our nature and health conditions. This article is a gateway to the vast realm of dreams and how it is classified and interpreted in Ayurveda. (Malayalam)

07 Jul 2020 by Dr. Thushara Joy


Proverbs Pro-Health

What is the purpose of life? To pass on the knowledge acquired to the next generation. Some are coded into our genes, some are written down or uploaded into the 'cloud'. Some become proverbs- the old sayings that codify wisdom of the bygone generations. Some proverbs are so deep that many universities have dedicated departments for the study of Proverbs. In this article, the author does a brief intro to some of the most common proverbs that breathe the very foundational principles of Ayurveda. Let us try and search for more and interpret them so that the knowledge hidden in them can actually aid in our wellbeing and better understanding of us and our surroundings..(Malayalam)

17 Jun 2020 by Dr. Anup Muraleeedharan


Smartphone and Night Sleep

It’s high time that we should start thinking whether it is the phone getting smarter or people getting smarter. Smartphones have now evolved into a human body organ rather than just being an electronic device. It’s now become one of the most precious possessions of all. The smartphones have a great negative impact on our health. Whether we are aware of this or are we pretending that we don’t. In this article the author has explained these effects on our eyes and sleep. Under the current scenario of lockdown, where we are available 24*7 online, this issue must be looked into seriously.

16 Jun 2020 by Dr. Divya. K. S.



During this lockdown due to lack of exercise or work, many of us are gaining weight and thus we have to deal with pot belly. In this era, where everyone tries to be fit and healthy, many people may find it difficult to reduce this excess fat or may have failed miserably in doing so. This article is for all of them.

11 Jun 2020 by Dr. Susha O. V.


Infertility and Impatience

Infertility is not a new condition. Irrespective of the gender, couples have been tormented with infertility, a stressful condition since dawn of history. Today, it is a prevalent problem affecting about 10-12% of couple worldwide. But have you ever thought about the reason behind the rapid escalation of infertility cases lately? Is age a factor that influences fertility? While the medical discourse of infertility is dominant, its mental-emotional, socio-cultural aspects are still a part of this condition. This article is a revelation on the modern day challenges to fertility and how a confident and patient mind supported by Ayurveda can plant new seeds of joy in our fertile lives..(Malayalam)

04 Jun 2020 by Dr. Vaheeda Rehman A


Welcome the Monsoons without the Fever Scare

Normally, monsoon breaks like clockwork in Kerala. Most often, it coincides with the very day when schools reopen after the summer holidays. The sudden rise in fevers and illnesses also come up during this time, again, like a clockwork. We all want the rains, but certainly not the sickness that may come along with it. Did you know that preparing yourself for an upcoming season can safeguard you from seasonal illnesses? This is exactly what seasonal regimen or 'rithucharya' in Ayurveda is all about. Want to know how to prepare for the rains after a scorching summer? Read this article..(Malayalam)

04 Jun 2020 by Dr. Muhammed Safeer


Smoking Makes You Sick..Very Sick

Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable deaths worldwide. Yet, more than half of the adult population of India fall prey to its use in either of its forms. Though various steps have been taken by Governments, all seem to be in vain as tobacco use seems to be growing unhindered each passing day. Dr Daya writes about this deadly issue on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day.

31 May 2020 by Dr. Daya C.


Is Your Refrigerator Destroying Your Health?

Refrigerators are an essential part of kitchen accessories. It has revolutionized the way we eat, our cooking habits, our choice of food and thereby our health. Rise of lifestyle disease as a major concern in the health of our society roughly coincides with the introduction of refrigerators at our homes. Does this have any significant relationship? Dr. Tony Thomas writes about this and more..

23 May 2020 by Dr. Tony Thomas MD (Ay)


Our Health Our Responsibility

Current health sector gives prime focus on disease and its management, which is unfortunately mostly based on medications. Overall impact of non communicable diseases while approaching the scenario through this point of view is quite evident. COVID-19 and its impact has brought more thoughts on how to approach the concept of social health. Isn't it high time that this is to be revised to a better alternative? Ayurveda suggests a perfect alternative to a disease oriented health system. Here is an article that may help you choose the better path that is Ayurveda. (Malayalam)

21 May 2020 by Dr. K. Krishnan Nambootiri


Hypertension and Sarpagandha

Kerala is a global hub of lifestyle disorders and Hypertension is one among our leading health challenge. A vast majority of the geriatric population are under regular medication for this silent killer. Hypertension is very often a symptom that requires a total correction in lifestyle and just popping a tablet will not complete its management. How does an Ayurvedic physician view this condition? Dr Sreedharsan writes about this and more

17 May 2020 by Dr. Sreedarshan K. S.


Getting Hold of Hypertension

Hypertension, termed silent killer, is one of the leading causes of human morbidity and mortality. Is hypertension a preventable disease? Who are at risk of developing this disease? Once it is diagnosed, is it essential to take anti hypertensive drugs lifelong? Is there effective treatment for hypertension in Ayurveda? In the context of ‘World Hypertension Day’ on May 17th, Dr Yadu Gopan clarifies common doubts regarding this deadly disease.

17 May 2020 by Dr. Yadu Gopan


Ramadan Fasting and Ayurveda Medicines: Best Practices

There are strict regimens on time, diet and lifestyle while taking Ayurveda medicines. So, during the holy month of Ramadan, those who are under regular Ayurveda medication are in a dilemma- "Should I take Ayurveda medicines or treatments while fasting? What is the best way for me to take it? Will this Ayurveda medicine trouble me if I take it while fasting?" This article is the answer to all such queries. (Malayalam)

14 May 2020 by Dr. Sajitha Sharafudeen


Sex and Summer

We are one with the world. There is no denying it. There is no escaping it. No matter how advanced we become or how isolated we become, we simply cannot insulate ourselves from nature.This is precisely why Ayurveda has crafted the three support pillars of life..Food, Sleep and perfect synchronization with the rhythm of nature. This article is an excerpt from that ideology. Ayurveda lays down a strict restriction for sex in summer. Why is it so? What happens when we over-indulge in sex during summers? What all should we do to minimize the impact? Is this still relevant when we can "cheat nature with air-conditioners and stuffs? Read on to find out..(Malayalam)

12 May 2020 by Dr. Tony Thomas MD (Ay)


Are You Fasting The Right Way?

The holy month of Ramadan is here, the month of complete surrender to God by abstaining from food and drinks during daylight. What is expected to attain by fasting is complete cleansing of body and mind. Unfortunately, Ramadan is not being followed in a healthy way off late, at least by some of us. Could this be due to the lack of awareness on how it should be done? If so, perhaps it is the time for us to revisit the original concepts of fasting. Dr Thanseeha Narghese is giving you this revisit through her article..

07 May 2020 by Dr. Thanseeha Narghese V. A.


Beware of your Cooking Vessels!

Are you aware that the Vessels in which you cook your food also plays a prominent role in keeping you healthier? Yes of course, Ayurveda has kept an eye on the utensils suitable for cooking and serving different kinds of dishes as always. Utensils made of clay, different metals, alloys, leaves of plants etc. serve different purposes. The uses and therapeutic value of different kind of utensils is elicited briefly here by Dr. Sreelakshmi V. S.

07 May 2020 by Dr. Sreelekshmi V. S. BAMS,M.S.(Ay), Diploma (Sanskrit)


Asthma: DOs and DON'Ts

Asthma, a respiratory tract disease is very common in children. Breathing difficulty is the main symptom which may lead to life threatening attacks. Ayurveda expounds the disease in the context of 'Svaasa roga'. Ayurveda treatment gives exemplary results, liberate you from the use of an inhaler and complete cure is possible with certain regulations in our habitual day to day life. The regulations that we have to look upon is elicited in brief here by Dr. Aadith V. (Malayalam)

05 May 2020 by Dr. Aadith V.


Do not fear 'Pathyam'! It is the Right Path

"Ayurveda medicines? I do not want to take them because I will have to follow pathyam naa?" "An Ayurveda physician once asked me to reduce salt and spice in my food. But I love my food to be spicy!" "Doctor, I hope I can continue with my late night work while having these Ayurveda medicines for my headache." Ayurveda physicians are bombarded by these types of questions everyday. People believe that Ayurveda medicines come with strict dietary and lifestyle restrictions. Are these restrictions actually for the medicines? Why is it so important to follow these restrictions? Dr. Veena P. Reghunathan explains..

05 May 2020 by Dr. Veena. P. Reghunathan


DHYAANA: Hold your Thoughts on Meditation

Dhyaana is the 7th step in Ashtaanga Yoga, just before samaadhi!. This itself calls for a lot of attention and focused learning of dhyaana. Even though dhyaana is translated as 'meditation' in English, a lot of deep meanings and methods of dhyaana is lost in translation. In this article, Dr. Rahul R. presents the various stages the mind goes through before entering absolute dhyaana and emphasizes the need of a disciplined approach to the concept of dhyaana. (Malayalam)

04 May 2020 by Dr. Rahul R.


Rasaayana: The Boss of Immunity Boosters

Recently, The Ministry of AYUSH published a 12 point immunity boosting guideline in which "Rasaayana" as a therapeutic method and "Chyavanapraasha" as a formulation have very high relevance. Chyavanapraasha is already a household name in India. But, did you know that Chyavanapraasha is a Rasaayana? So what exactly is this "Rasaayana"? Why is it important to know about it? For starters, "Rasaayana" is unique branch of Ayurveda which has methods to expand lifespan, regain youthfulness and strengthen your immunity, memory and intelligence. In short, Rasayana therapy can give you 'Superpowers'! Thrilled?! So, lets dive into this article on Rasaayana by Dr. Soumya K. R.

01 May 2020 by Dr. Soumya K. R.


The Sun and The Nobel Prize

The sun has been revered for centuries, but did you know that the therapeutic effects of sunlight were used to treat even potent diseases like tuberculosis and smallpox? If it is so beneficial then why is sunlight also linked to skin cancer? Does Ayurveda use sunlight in its therapies? Read on to find out how sunlight can both heal and burn; how we can tap the therapeutic effects of sunlight and and how it is used in Ayurveda. Dr. Jyotsna Nair writes..

30 Apr 2020 by Dr. Jyotsna Nair


Lockdown Alcoholism

The availability of Liquor has gone to Zero in this lockdown period of Covid 19. Its is been observed that majority of Alcoholics are presented with withdrawal symptoms which can become life taking with its worst sign of suicidal tendency. The solution for the problem is not prescribing alcohol for the patient by a registered medical practitioner but a proper de-addiction treatment where Ayurveda has expounded possibilities. Dr. Shinas B. S. gives an overview on how one can start walking towards an addiction free life and how Ayurveda can come to aid for them.

27 Apr 2020 by Dr. Shinas B. S.


Karkitaka Chikitsa - Kerala Monsoon Health Overhaul Regimen

By the beginning of monsoons in Kerala, you might have been bombarded with a lot of stuffs prefixed with the word "karkkitaka"..'Karkkitaka Kanji', 'Karkittaka Medicines", Karkkitaka Panchakarma...and so it goes. What exactly is Karkkitaka? Why is it relevant? How does Karkkitaka Regimens and Treatment Benefit us? This article is intended to give you a detailed perspective on this so that you may anticipate and prepare for it well from next time on..

01 Apr 2020 by Dr. Valsaladevi K


Bee and Wasp Sting; Features and Ayurveda Management

It is quite common to get stung by a bee or a wasp and quite often all we may get is a sharp burning and excoriating pain. Now painful as it is, wasp or bee stings may sometimes even prove fatal. The intensity and all varies with each individual based on their immunity, body nature etc.So it is important that we know all about such stings and find out how we can manage it with Ayurveda. Let us check out some characteristic features or symptoms of wasp sting and emergency management through Ayurveda. (Malayalam)

01 Apr 2020 by Dr. Jishnu Narayanan. M.


Ayurveda and Sports Medicine

Sports Ayurveda or the speciality branch of utilizing Ayurveda Principles to improve sports performance and to manage sports injuries is gaining popularity. But at the same time, the presence of spurious entities in this sector is casting a shadow of doubt over its public acceptance. This article is a timely introduction to authentic field of practice that is Sports Medicine in Ayurveda. It briefly details all the methodologies used and the uniqueness this field enjoys.

01 Apr 2020 by Dr. Shameer Thodengal

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