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Simple Ayurveda Procedures

Nethranethi: A Simple Procedure for Eye-Health

Nethranethi is much beyond a simple eye wash. This can not only freshen you up but can also protect your precious eyes from a wide range of potential problems. What more, it even can help in management of some eye conditions as well! Read on to find out..(Malayalam)

22 Jul 2020 by Dr. Anjana Madhu

Simple Ayurveda Procedures

Smoke Therapies in Ayurveda

Did you know that smoking and fumigation are used as treatment procedures to detoxify you body as well as your environment. Fumigation and smoking are either done as simple steps for basic cleansing or disease management or even as an elaborate procedure used as preparation or as a post therapy while administering Panchakarma. Please have a good read of this article. There is much more to medicated smoke inhalation and fumigation than what meets the eye. (Malayalam)

26 May 2020 by Dr. Sarika Menon

Simple Ayurveda Procedures

First Aid for sore throat, mild cough and cold

There is a force within you that is constantly trying to keep you healthy. It is incessantly involved in 'mending walls and cleaning floors' or 'settling a dispute or fighting a threat' within the body. Most often, a mild flu, a sore throat and simple cough are part of this force's working. In that case all you have to do is just give your innate force a chance to make things right by itself. Do not pamper it nor ignore it. Just observe it and support it. Ayurveda has a wonderful method in place to detect the slightest deviation from health and manage it as early as possible. A lot of complicated illnesses start from negligible conditions. So managing it as early as possible is key. Surprisingly, the remedies in the early stages are quite simple as well! Here are some simple and short suggestions on this angle by Dr. Shamla Cheriyath.

08 May 2020 by Dr. Shamla Cheriyath

Simple Ayurveda Procedures

Steam Inhalation: Are You Doing it Right?

Steam Inhalation, or svedana karma as called in Ayurveda, is a fomentation process. It is one of the best natural methods for cleansing and clearing the upper respiratory tract. We all might have done it at least once in our lifetime, perhaps when our nose was obstructed or was having a flu. Though pretty simple and easy, Ayurveda enlists a set of Do's and Don'ts for it. This is because, if done in the wrong way, it can actually worsen the condition or even harm you than doing any good. Do you want to find out more about it? Do you want to know how it should be done or whether it should be done or not in the first place? Dr. Vineetha Manoj is here to help you on this..

30 Apr 2020 by Dr. Vineetha Manoj

Simple Ayurveda Procedures

NASYA- A Castle by Ayurveda to Defend Against Infections

Nasya (nasal instillation of Ayurveda medicines) is one of the five major treatment procedures in Ayurveda (panchakarma). As a daily practice, a type of nasya, called pratimarsha nasya, can act as a procedure that defend us against infections. This procedure is extremely effective yet quite simple and easy to do. Dr. Sharika Vipin, in her article, talks about this Pratimarsha nasya and explains its relevance and method of practice. (Also translated in Malayalam)

29 Apr 2020 by Dr. Sharika Vipin

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