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Good Food and Ayurveda

What to add when Boiling Water

Drink only boiled water. But is it enough to just boil the water? Are there any drugs with which water can be boiled? Does boiling with certain drugs increase our immunity? Is it wise to drink water boiled with the same drug in all seasons? Do the drugs prescribed for boiling the water have any side effects? What are the possible adulterants used in the market? Can we control our diseases by drinking water boiled with drugs which are used in these diseases? Well all the answers are provided beautifully in this article. By practicing the measures listed below we can lead a healthy life. (Malayalam)

13 Jun 2020 by Dr. Soumia Ajith

Good Food and Ayurveda

Food for Health

How often do we scrutinize the food we eat? What is our prime concern when we select a food to eat? Very often we choose ones that please our senses and discard its effect on the whole body and eventually pay the price. Ayurveda sets a flexible yet strict set of rules for selecting what we eat. In the midst of rising concerns over lifestyle diseases, Ayurveda's thoughts on this topic are gaining global popularity..When the world is looking for good food solutions in Ayurveda, shouldn't we too?

11 Jun 2020 by Dr. Daya C.

Good Food and Ayurveda

Aerated Drinks: Health Hazards and Ayurveda Alternatives

Colas and aerated drinks occupy an inevitable space in each of our refrigerators. Weekend parties are incomplete without the fizz of an aerated drink. But, what if you come to know that 1,84,000 of deaths every year around the globe is attributed to aerated drinks. That is the bitter reality of the sweet bubbly drinks. To know more about the topic, read Dr Jithin Paul’s article on it.

09 Jun 2020 by Dr. Jithin Namala

Good Food and Ayurveda

Milk and Bone Health

June 1st is celebrated as World Milk Day. This year it is the 20th Anniversary and in the light of pandemic, COVID 19, Government of India had announced this year's milk day with the theme "Fight COVID-19! Maintain a Healthy Perfect Lifestyle, Improve the Immune System by Drinking Milk." Milk which is a super food has multiple benefits. Let's have an Ayurvedic view of these benefits especially in bone health appeasement of milk.

01 Jun 2020 by Dr. P. Shabeel Ibrahim

Good Food and Ayurveda

Pulses, Gas Trouble and Solutions

2016 was declared as the International Year of Pulses by The Food and Agricultural Organisation Department of the United Nations. Pulses or Legumes are the dried variety of beans and peas. It is rich in proteins, fibre and vitamins and is much affordable than other protein sources, and hence called as Poor Man's Meat. A breif detailing of variety of these Pulses is seen in the Ayurvedic text trios "Brihatrayees". Generally, a wrong notion seen in our day to day practice is that these pulses causes Gas troubles. On the contrary, it's Judicious usage will give you healthier days ahead. (Malayalam)

25 May 2020 by Dr. Manju P. S.

Good Food and Ayurveda

"Thaalikkal"- Health Benefits of Kerala Style Tempering

Tempering or seasoning has been a unique tradition of our food culture since ages. Variations in the process are immense. Undoubtedly, this process modifies the dish in its taste, smell and overall appeal. In fact it is a skill by itself. Dr Susha analyses this age old tradition so that the reader gains an in depth perspective regarding the practice as well as realize the hidden health benefits behind tempering

18 May 2020 by Dr. Susha O. V.

Good Food and Ayurveda

Things that become 'GOLD' with Ageing

"When is the expiry?" The first thing we look for, while buying food or medicine, is the expiry date. It is always said that food and medicines should be made fresh and consumed fresh. But there are some consumables whose potency increases with the elapse of time. 'Old is Gold', right? This article gives a sneak peak on some of those items that do not have a shelf life as per Ayurveda and becomes increasingly potent and priceless with ageing. (Malayalam)

13 May 2020 by Dr. Muhsina Muhammed

Good Food and Ayurveda

The Act of Eating

Food makes us. But did you know that food can break us too? Ayurveda gives so much attention to food that it is considered as one of the weight bearing pillars of life itself. In the textbook Kaasyapa Samhitaa, there is a saying 'there is no medicine equivalent to food and it is possible to remain disease free and healthy with just food alone'. How we eat is as important as what we eat. In this article, Dr. Shilpa Thengil elicits in detail, the art of 'Mindful Eating'.

12 May 2020 by Dr. Shilpa Thengil, BAMS

Good Food and Ayurveda

Buttermilk: The Better Drink

It is human nature to undervalue things that come by easily to us. Has this happened to Buttermilk as well? Until a few decades back, palm-leaf sheds giving free buttermilk to travelers was a common sight along the roads in summer time. They were not merely quenching thirst with a couple of gulps of buttermilk.It was literally an elixir to them. After reading this observations on buttermilk by Dr. Vineetha Manoj, at least some of us will rush back and make buttermilk a part of our lives.(Malayalam)

08 May 2020 by Dr. Vineetha Manoj

Good Food and Ayurveda

Is Idli Really a Superfood?

Did you know that March 30 of every year is celebrated as WORLD IDLI DAY? IDLI, a very popular and mouth watering dish, is usually taken as breakfast. Sambar and/ or Chutney often accompany it. Idli is a delicious and a healthy Indian delicacy. The goodness and richness of the diet is also recognized by the World Health Organisation. Recently "Space Idlies" were developed by Indian Defense Food Research Laboratory as part of upcoming Gaganyan space project. Dr. Susha O. V. give a thorough look at Idli from the stand point of Ayurveda. (Malayalam)

29 Apr 2020 by Dr. Susha O. V.

Good Food and Ayurveda

Asafoetida: Properties and Therapeutic uses

Indian kitchens were always considered as the storehouse of medicines rather than merely a place for cooking. One of the simple yet significant drugs that we find in our kitchen is Asafoetida, popularly known as ‘devil's dung’ due to its smell. This devil's dung has many other great attributes rather than its smell. This article explains the habitat, collection, properties and therapeutic uses of asafoetida. (Malayalam)

01 Apr 2020 by Dr. Arya Sethuparvathy

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