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Cancer Care and Ayurveda

Chemotherapy: Does Ayurveda have a Better Answer?

Chemotherapy is like carpet bombing. It does not specifically target on malignant cells or spare healthy tissues in its vicinity. Moreover, chemotherapy shuts down our immune system and its modulation. The innate power of our body to heal by itself is forced to retire. The approach of Ayurveda in this scenario is polar opposite to that of Chemotherapy. It works more like stealth attackers, diligently sniping down morbid elements while still keeping the body in full command. This methodology is increasingly proving to be a better way. The complications are much lesser, the chances for relapse is minimal and the recovery is astounding. Perhaps, it is time we give more attention to the solution that Ayurveda has to offer in this regard. This article is all about the solutions from Ayurveda. (Malayalam)

14 May 2020 by Dr. Rajagopal K.

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