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Kids, Teens and Ayurveda

Healthy Parenting: Not a Dauting Task

When you are planting a sapling, you are not planting a sapling. You are planting a tree. Such is the vision that we should maintain in parenting as well. A child is not limited to a family. It is the future of a civilization. There are several aspects that we need to keep in mind for us to become Healthy Parents and not just parents. This article is a beautiful narration on some key factors to be kept in mind to nurture our children the right way. It also reveals to us that right parenting is not a daunting task, it is a beautiful journey. (Malayalam)

31 Jul 2020 by Dr. Nabeel Haris

Kids, Teens and Ayurveda

Worm Infestations in Children

Worm infestation is one of the very common presenting complaints of children that visit OPD. Its impact on the child’s health ranges from mild symptoms like peri anal itching to much severe growth delay. Even in conditions like behavioural changes and scholastic backwardness, treatments aimed at deworming are found to be effective. To know more about this topic, read this article by Dr Lekshmi. (Malayalam)

22 Jul 2020 by Dr. Lekshmi M. K.

Kids, Teens and Ayurveda

Demystifying "Karappan" and Managing it with Ayurveda

Children are easily prone to various skin disorders. Atopic dermatitis is one of the most common skin disorder seen in infants and children, usually has its onset during 1st six months of life. In Ayurveda we can correlate this with a condition called visarpa or charmadala. Is this disease curable through Ayurvedic management? What are the causes of this condition? How this appeared in infants and children? Which diet and lifestyle is to be followed by children as well as mother? Let's know about the Ayurvedic aspect of this condition through this article. (Malayalam)

13 Jul 2020 by Dr. Sreenath S.

Kids, Teens and Ayurveda


It is after potty training and stopping the use of diapers that the problem of bed-wetting slowly comes to the parents' attention. The first few months are spent in hope that it would stop on its own one day. Most often it does. For many some slight adjustments of their water intake, toileting and sleep timing does the trick..but if it persists, then it soon turns into a nightmare, both for the parents and the child as well. Ayurveda has a very systematic yet simple approach to bed-wetting. Read about it in this article..

18 Jun 2020 by Prof. Dinesh K. S. & Dr. Jeetha Dev P. J.

Kids, Teens and Ayurveda

Teenage: Problems and Solutions

They say childhood is the most beautiful phase of our life. So the problems of childhood also need special attention. In this article the author has beautifully and boldly addressed this issue. This work deals mainly on the physiological changes in adolescence period, influence of alcohol and other drugs during childhood and all the psychological behaviour and changes happening in this period. It also deals with the much talked and discussed mobile usage among the children and the solutions for all these. This article is a must read for children and as well as their parents. (Malayalam)

10 Jun 2020 by Dr. Thushara Suresh Kumar

Kids, Teens and Ayurveda

The Ayurvedic Logic Behind Ear Piercing

From the very second a child is born and up until she is fully matured, there are a series of 16 processes that are advocated in Ayurveda to ensure their healthy development. They are so important that all of them have risen up to the status of a divine ritual. Even today these are conducted as 'ceremonies'. One such practice is ear-piercing or "karnavedha' as it is called in Sanskrit. Apart from the ritualistic side, there is a medical reason behind this. This article explores the Ayurvedic concept of ear piercing in children. (Malayalam)

01 Apr 2020 by Dr. Manu Mohan S.

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