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AYUSH-64: Will this be Ayurveda's Trump Card Against COVID 19?

To date, the world is still looking for a viable solution for the COVID 19 crisis. Scientists the world over are desperately trying to find a cure. It was when Hydroxychloroquine- an anti-malarial drug, was suggested as a remedy for COVID 19, that the Government of India sought the possibility of the Ayurveda alternative to this drug, the AYUSH-64, for being a good choice. Introduced in the early 1980s, AYUSH-64 is yet to get sufficient backing of research data. However, the Government of India has given a go signal for initiating clinical trials and application of this Ayurveda anti-malarial medicine towards the management of COVID 19. So, what exactly is AYUSH-64? What all are its ingredients? So far, what are the studies telling about it? ..Read find out..

18 Jun 2020 by Dr. Parvathy S. Nair.

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