Articles related to Healthcare during COVID-19 Lockdown

Healthcare during COVID-19 Lockdown

Kerala Government Ayurveda Projects for COVID 19 Prevention

The Projects introduced by the Indian Systems of Medicine and AYUSH departments in Kerala is gaining widespread popularity as people under quarantine who have undergone Ayurveda preventive measures are not turning positive despite prolonged exposure to infected individuals. This article is a brief introduction to various projects to Prevent and Manage Covid 19, by the Government of Kerala.

04 Jul 2020 by Dr. Bishnu S. Prasad

Healthcare during COVID-19 Lockdown

Is Non-Veg a Taboo during Pandemic?

Although Ayurveda is often linked to vegetarianism, the reality is entirely different. Many ayurvedic classical textbooks include descriptions of using meat as food and in several ayurvedic preparations. However use of these ingredients for treatment is based on several variables and is often customized to the individual’s body constitution and several other factors. So in the wake of this epidemic, what does ayurveda suggest? Should the diet be vegetarian only or is meat still on the menu? Dr. Shabeel Ibrahim explains..

28 Apr 2020 by Dr. P. Shabeel Ibrahim

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