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During this lockdown due to lack of exercise or work, many of us are gaining weight and thus we have to deal with pot belly. In this era, where everyone tries to be fit and healthy, many people may find it difficult to reduce this excess fat or may have failed miserably in doing so. This article is for all of them.

11 Jun 2020 by Dr. Susha O. V.

Good Food and Ayurveda

"Thaalikkal"- Health Benefits of Kerala Style Tempering

Tempering or seasoning has been a unique tradition of our food culture since ages. Variations in the process are immense. Undoubtedly, this process modifies the dish in its taste, smell and overall appeal. In fact it is a skill by itself. Dr Susha analyses this age old tradition so that the reader gains an in depth perspective regarding the practice as well as realize the hidden health benefits behind tempering

18 May 2020 by Dr. Susha O. V.

Good Food and Ayurveda

Is Idli Really a Superfood?

Did you know that March 30 of every year is celebrated as WORLD IDLI DAY? IDLI, a very popular and mouth watering dish, is usually taken as breakfast. Sambar and/ or Chutney often accompany it. Idli is a delicious and a healthy Indian delicacy. The goodness and richness of the diet is also recognized by the World Health Organisation. Recently "Space Idlies" were developed by Indian Defense Food Research Laboratory as part of upcoming Gaganyan space project. Dr. Susha O. V. give a thorough look at Idli from the stand point of Ayurveda. (Malayalam)

29 Apr 2020 by Dr. Susha O. V.

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