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A song by Vaidyas to Strengthen your Morale

Here are some excerpts from an interview with the singer, Dr. Vineetha Manoj :

Q: What is the mission of this novel venture?

"Niramaya song was created during this lockdown period in order to give support for state government's project 'karuthalode keralam karuthekan ayurvedam (കരുതലോടെ കേരളം, കരുത്തേകാന്‍ ആയുര്‍വേദം)". As government has taken a great move like Ayurraksha clinics in all Ayurveda dispensaries and hospitals for preventive measures against corona."

Q: Who are the talents behind this song?

"Music was done by the renowned music director Mr. Murali Krishnaa. Shijo did the editing. The lyrics are by Dr. Deeja C. Radhakrishnan and I (Dr. Vineetha Manoj) is in the vocals."

Q: Did you face any challenges because of the lockdown for making this?

"All technical aspects were difficult. The recording studio was closed, it was hard for us to team up in person. Getting the footage and editing them were even more daunting. But, we all had this motivation- a realization  that the entire Ayurveda fraternity is working really hard for supporting our healthcare system and our government in fighting this pandemic. So this is our musical tribute to all those who are on the front lines. This made us all really excited and overcome all challenges in making this song video.

Q: Both yourself and Dr. Deeja are Ayurveda doctors. So, why a song video?

"Music has an important role during this pandemic time. Music can increase our concentration, can reduce stress, increases our self confidence, relaxes our mind. Music lowers stress hormones cortisol. So listening to music, singing, playing musical instruments during this lock down time will make our mind free from stress and gives happiness too. So this is also the best medical support we can give to our society as a whole.

Q: Is this your first musical venture?

"No. While Ayurveda is my profession, singing is my passion. I have a music band too. It is named "Guru band". Guru band has already launched four albums. Recently I have sung for a movie that is yet to be released.

Dr. Vineetha Manoj

Dr. Deeja C. Radhakrishnan

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